Made with real fruit. Available in — Strawberry Daiquiri, Lime Margarita and Piña Colada.

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Our cocktail mixes come in strawberry daiquiri, lime margarita, and piña colada flavours.

Everybody loves a good cocktail . . . like, a really well-made cocktail. Unfortunately, just because the music and atmosphere of the bar is great, or the food is to die for, doesn’t mean the drinks are anything to sing about. Being able to mix a really good cocktail at home is a must, and thanks to our cocktail mixes from Blender Boyz, you can make a great cocktail every single time, even if you’re in your PJs.

Our cocktail mixes come in strawberry daiquiri, lime margarita, and piña colada flavours, allowing you to make a delicious cocktail for whatever your mood may be. These cocktail mixes are quick and easy; just open up a pouch of the Blender Boyz cocktail mix of your choice, add your own alcohol, and any other ingredient(s) you desire, and within a few short minutes, you have a delicious drink. Our cocktail mixes also make hosting a party really convenient– your mini bar just got that much better!

Our cocktail mixes are great for personal use, but also for your restaurant or other business. Our cocktail mixes allow your employees to make the same great beverage every single time, taking the guesswork out of drink mixing and keeping your customers coming back time after time. They also help in maintaining cost and portion control, as well as monitoring waste. Ask us about our wholesale prices, allowing you to offer tasty cocktails to your customers at an affordable price while still turning a profit. Our cocktail mixes can really improve your business!

Order your cocktail mixes online today and visit our blog for a variety of tasty recipes using our cocktail mixes and other drink mixes.