Made with real fruit. Available in – Strawberry Banana, Berry Blend and Tropical Paradise.

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With Blender Boyz, you save time and money and get the same delicious smoothies every time.

Smoothies are a girl’s best friend. That’s how the saying goes, right? Either way, as far as we’re concerned, smoothies should be everyone’s best friend. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cold smoothie on a hot day, or a cold smoothie on a cold day, or a cold smoothie on any day. And now, thanks to Blender Boyz smoothie mixes, you can make a delicious smoothie in a matter of minutes at home or at your restaurant.

We offer strawberry banana, tropical paradise and berry blend smoothie mixes, though these flavours are versatile enough to let you mix a number of different fruits and other delicious concoctions with them. With our smoothie mixes, the possibilities are endless! Check out some of the delicious recipes on our blog, or create your own!

Our smoothie mixes are great for both personal home use and for companies. With a Blender Boyz pouch, there is no need for all the tedious washing, chopping and dicing of fruits and veggies; just simply add a pouch and some ice and blend until smooth– voila! You get the same delicious smoothies every time.

Imagine the ease this would also offer you as a restaurant or café owner. You don’t have to spend a lot of hours training your staff on how to make complicated drinks– if they can open a pouch and pour it in a blender, they can make a delicious smoothie that your customers will love. Our pouches also help reduce waste and offer consistent portion and cost control. We offer wholesale prices and cases in various sizes for your convenience. If you are looking to sell Blender Boyz smoothie pouches in your retail store, ask us about our signage and displays.

For smoothies that are affordable, convenient and delicious, contact us at Blender Boyz!