Pina Colada

Our pina colada drink mixes can help you bring a taste of paradise into your home.

Mix up one of our pina colada mixes and all you have to do is close your eyes, and you’ll feel like you’re sipping a cold drink on the beach. At Blender Boyz, we create drink mixes that are as easy to make as they are delicious. Stock up on our pina colada frozen mixes and be ready to party whenever the mood strikes!

The idea for our pina colada drink mixes, and our other mouthwatering mixes, came from the idea that you don’t always want to buy a ton of separate ingredients to create a great drink when you’re entertaining or relaxing. Based on this, we started creating mixes that were delicious and made creating the perfect drink easier than ever! Since then, our drink mixes have become more and more popular, so if you haven’t tried our pina colada blend yet, you’re missing out.

There are so many ways to make a pina colada when you use one of our mixes! Simply add your favorite spirit and some ice to the blender, add one of our pouches, and you’ll have a drink in hand in a matter of minutes. Our pina colada mixes also make a great virgin drink if you want something fruity and refreshing without the alcohol.

Whatever creative idea you come up with for using our pina colada mix, one thing’s for sure – you’ll feel like you have a taste of paradise right in your very own home. To learn more about our drink mixes or to place an order, contact us today!